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Welcome! This is a blog about the modern day treasure hunt... When the waves are flat, and the air is cold, I am usually in pursuit of glass treasures... Call me a digger, a glass-tracker, or a modern-day archaeologist. Whatever the title, for this pirate it's all about the hunt. Whether it's scouring various beaches for ocean tumbled sea glass and historical trinkets or digging for bottles and native american artifacts, I will be sure to post my adventures here. You can also purchase my finds at my online store: www.seaofglass.etsy.com

Monday, January 10, 2011

Digging the Sweet Spot

"Digging" is a newer passion of mine.  It's the term that bottle hunters use to describe what they do.  It's sort of like modern-day archaeology, but instead of digging up fossils and artifacts from several thousand years ago, you are digging up bottles and an assortment of other items from the past 100-200 years.  You can't just dig anywhere.  It requires research, observing old maps and charts, or just by knowing knowledgeable people who can point you in the right direction.  I'm using a combination of the three.

My favorite spot to dig is an old dump that was active from about the time of the Civil War to the early 1930s when it was closed.  What exists today is a lush forest along an old country road.  The trees are about 30-40 feet tall, and the underbrush is thick and thorny.  To the average eye, it's just what I described, but to a digger this location is so much more.  In the midst of these trees, beneath the earth lies a vast city dump that has been closed for 75 years.  Once the underbrush has been trimmed back, and the leaves raked aside, the digging begins.  I dub this location "The Sweet Spot".  Labors here have produced literally hundreds of bottles dating anywhere from the 1870s to the 1930s.  I have dug up a variety of other items as well: china, figurines, toys, pottery, stone wear, and many household items from the Victorian age...  Each time the blade of the spade goes into the soil, there is a sense of anticipation as to what might show itself.

My digging trips are always exciting, rewarding, and lucrative...  There is something to be said about digging through the soil to unearth beautiful embossed cobalt blue medicinals or unearthing hand blown lavender apothecary vials.  It is a tedious and dirty process, but in the end it gives me a satisfaction that I can't describe.  I can't help but think that it reunites the past with the present, and it gives me an appreciation for history and things of long ago.
Dig #1 at The Sweet Spot-
This hole is about 5 feet deep and burrows under an old dead Sweetgum tree.
Dig #2 at The Sweet Spot-
Doesn't seem like much, but this dig has revealed lots of treasure.

This is the pile that I am not going to keep.
It is growing by the day.
My pile at home is 10 times as big! :)
Some old broken milk bottles and household items.

The photo banners that are posted at the bottom of this blog site contain many of the bottles that have been unearthed at The Sweet Spot.   I hope to blog about The Sweet Spot many times in the future.  I will also make an effort to post photos and video from some of my digs.

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