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Welcome! This is a blog about the modern day treasure hunt... When the waves are flat, and the air is cold, I am usually in pursuit of glass treasures... Call me a digger, a glass-tracker, or a modern-day archaeologist. Whatever the title, for this pirate it's all about the hunt. Whether it's scouring various beaches for ocean tumbled sea glass and historical trinkets or digging for bottles and native american artifacts, I will be sure to post my adventures here. You can also purchase my finds at my online store: www.seaofglass.etsy.com

Saturday, January 8, 2011

History Unearthed

I currently reside in Cape May County in South Jersey.  Being that I am a Science and Social Studies teacher, it is an incredible place to spend my time.  I do a lot of exploring.  There are pine forests, beaches, intercoastal waterways, and marshy trails surrounding our home in every direction.  Science and History can be found everywhere, you just have to look for it, OR simply take note of it...  One of my favorite places to explore is about a mile away.  It is a long marshy beach that can only be accessed at low tide.  The beach stretches out to a point in the bay where there is nothing to be found but nature.  Each time I venture out to the furthest point of that coastline, I feel alone in the world simply because I never see a soul.  It is the kind of place that feels "undiscovered"- like no one has ever been there before.  Evidence, however, would prove the contrary.  The beach itself has shown that it seems to have been a favorite destination for people for hundreds if not thousands of years.  On each walk out and back, there are a variety of natural and historical artifacts to be found.  The rise and fall of the tide combined with the wind seem to unearth treasures each and every day.  I have found an assortment of things: sea glass, sea pottery, antique bottles, and broken vintage china originating from the past 100 years or so.  I can imagine the items being thrown into the bay or left behind by Victorian-age folks out for a stroll or a picnic.  I have also found a variety of Native American projectile points.  It must have been a great place to hunt and gather in centuries and millennia past...  Here are some photos to visually document the landscape and treasure to be found there:
The long walk begins beneath residential docks and piers.  But only at low tide!   Many treasures have been found here.
Almost to the point.  Many projectile points have been found here.  I've also found antique bottles sticking out of the marsh banks.
This is a high area at the end of the point.  It is exposed even during high tide.  Most of my larger projectile points have been found on this very beach.

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