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Welcome! This is a blog about the modern day treasure hunt... When the waves are flat, and the air is cold, I am usually in pursuit of glass treasures... Call me a digger, a glass-tracker, or a modern-day archaeologist. Whatever the title, for this pirate it's all about the hunt. Whether it's scouring various beaches for ocean tumbled sea glass and historical trinkets or digging for bottles and native american artifacts, I will be sure to post my adventures here. You can also purchase my finds at my online store: www.seaofglass.etsy.com

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Lenni Lenape

Long before South Jersey was discovered by Europeans, it was inhabited by a group of several organized bands of Native Americans called the Lenni Lenape or Deleware Indians.  Part of the Algonquin linguistical group, the Lenape had three distinct clans.  The clan inhabiting much of Southern Jersey coastal and bay region were the Unalachtigo.  Several different villages of Lenape Indians existed in Cape May County where I reside.  My previous post describes a peninsula of marsh land and beach where one particular village of Lenape spent the warmer months hunting, fishing, and gathering.  Evidence of a camp has been found nearby as well as two distinct burial grounds.  Over the years I have collected many Native American projectile points.  The stone tools pictured below include many of the points that I have discovered on the beaches described.

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