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Welcome! This is a blog about the modern day treasure hunt... When the waves are flat, and the air is cold, I am usually in pursuit of glass treasures... Call me a digger, a glass-tracker, or a modern-day archaeologist. Whatever the title, for this pirate it's all about the hunt. Whether it's scouring various beaches for ocean tumbled sea glass and historical trinkets or digging for bottles and native american artifacts, I will be sure to post my adventures here. You can also purchase my finds at my online store: www.seaofglass.etsy.com

Sunday, January 9, 2011

South Jersey Sea Glass

There are not many places in South Jersey to find sea glass- at least not like Rincon , Puerto Rico.  However, I do have some spots that I like to go to often that are pretty decent.  One of my favorite spots is about 1/2 mile or so of small beaches bordered by walls, jetties, a boardwalk, and old town ruins.  There is almost always treasure to find here- sea glass, sea pottery, sea china, whole bottles, bottle toppers, ballast marbles, etc...  The morning after one of the latest Nor'Easters (storms) during a full-moon low tide, I carried home a large bucket full of treasure.  I posted a photo below of this recent glass harvest.

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