Welcome to Sea of Glass- a blog about hunting glass treasures...

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Welcome! This is a blog about the modern day treasure hunt... When the waves are flat, and the air is cold, I am usually in pursuit of glass treasures... Call me a digger, a glass-tracker, or a modern-day archaeologist. Whatever the title, for this pirate it's all about the hunt. Whether it's scouring various beaches for ocean tumbled sea glass and historical trinkets or digging for bottles and native american artifacts, I will be sure to post my adventures here. You can also purchase my finds at my online store: www.seaofglass.etsy.com

Friday, January 7, 2011

Welcome to Sea of Glass

It all began a few years back when my wife and I were on a surf trip to Rincon, Puerto Rico.  "What began?", you might ask.  My glass obsession...  We went to Rincon to surf, but for a few days the waves were too big to ride.  We spent a lot of time walking the beaches, and we discovered that the huge surf had littered the beaches with sea glass.  My wife and I loved sea glass, and we had even collected a few pieces here and there in our travels, but what we discovered was that Rincon is sea glass heaven!  We spent several hours each day collecting perfect surf-tumbled glass in every size, shape, and color imaginable.  Well, we eventually got some pretty memorable surfing in, but we also brought home some pretty killer souvenirs- about 50lbs of sea glass...


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